22 Jul

How To Enjoy A Day Of Golf

For those who love to get out on the course and hit a few balls there are a lot of different opportunities waiting for you.  One of the greatest places that you can go, and where most people go all year round are to palm springs golf courses.  When visiting one of these golf courses you can spend the day getting fresh air and exercise.  However, here are some tips that you can take to really enjoy the day.

Watch the weather

There is nothing worse than having a day that is just ruined by the weather.  For most people who enjoy golf the weather is really isn’t an issue, they will go rain or shine.  However, for the optimal level of enjoyment, go when the sun isn’t beating directly down on you and there is a slight breeze.

Plan your holes

When hitting the course, you want to really go with a plan in mind.  For optimal enjoyment go planning on hitting less holes than the maximum.  Consider doing a nine-hole course before going for eighteen.  If after the first nine you feel on hitting an additional nine go for it, however, don’t force yourself into doing something that will just ruin your day.

Go with a friend

You will want to go with a friend as well.  When you go with a friend you can have someone to talk to, play a little competition with and really ever the full entertainment experience.  When going with a friend you can give each other pointers, watch what each other is doing and give advice on how to improve each other’s game.

palm springs golf courses

Go on off days

To avoid crowding consider going on an off day.  This will help to keep the course clear of too many people and you will be able to go at your own pace.  If you have people behind, you that want to play it can cause friction even a little annoyance.

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