22 Jul

How Maintenance Drugs are Used

Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire, and with additions it’s the same way. While you can sometimes get away with replacing a bad addiction with a good addiction, sometimes a different approach is called for.

If you are addicted to a very strong drug such as heroin or opioids, other medications might be prescribed to help you deal with urges and cravings. These maintenance drugs are often shown as legal alternatives that are approved by the Centers for Disease Control.

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Types of Maintenance Drugs

One of the most popular maintenance drugs is methadone, and it is used to treat opioid addiction. For people who are extremely addicted to opioid substances, methadone can minimize cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal. Then those who are addicted can gradually wean themselves off of the methadone and take smaller doses until the body is clean.

Additionally, suboxone maintenance maumee oh is another maintenance drug that helps to prevent the cravings for opioids. Unlike methadone which must be prescribed and taken in clinics, suboxone can be taken anywhere and is prescribed by physicians. If you take the dosages as labeled, you’ll be able to deal with cravings much easier.

Misinformation about Maintenance Drugs

All of the maintenance drugs are either opioids themselves, or activate the same receptors in the brain. Due to this, some people see it as exchanging one drug for another, especially since patients often have to take the medication for a long period of time.

But while these drugs do activate the same receptors, they do so slowly and don’t give you the same type of high. Patients who are addicted to opioids often have too high a tolerance to feel anything, and the medication often stops cravings before they start.

But maintenance drugs, along with support from addiction therapy groups and doctors, can help people kick an opioid addiction for good.

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