22 Jul

Don’t Forget The Aftercare After The Extraction

Most folks will experience a huge sense of relief after that painful tooth has finally been removed. But in the interest of restoring that long-lost smile and, more importantly, restoring their overall dental and oral health, the work has only just begun. Still to follow is tooth extraction aftercare rockford work. Once the aftercare work has begun, you can then start thinking about smiling right, in more ways than one.

tooth extraction aftercare rockford

Dentists at large are also conscious of good looks. But first things first. Before the extraction is done, the dentist needs to be certain. He’ll take an X-ray to compile an accurate diagnosis. He will be using this graphic to view the full state of the patient’s oral and dental health. And it is only after declaring that there is nothing further to be done to rescue the affected tooth or teeth that he will proceed with the extraction.

This can be done on the day of the diagnosis. It should be done cleanly and, these days, is usually done quite quickly. But once the affected tooth or teeth are out, the work’s still not done. Yes, there will be some cleaning to do to ensure that no further infection occurs. But the dentist might wish to evaluate the patient for the fitting of partial dentures or implants. And for that to happen, yet another accurate diagnosis needs to be completed.

The matter of implants is fairly complex in the sense that the patient may not always qualify. This has to do with several factors but two are prominent. One being the general structure of the jaw. And the other being that of the patient’s actual dental health, particularly if it’s severe in which case the patient may be better off with dentures.